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Biography in general

As long as you live your biography is subject to (re-)construction.

If you move your "life-line" is getting longer with every step.
Your lifeline is drawn by the center (of gravity) of your body through space and time, it is your unique personal story-line (see: What is a story/ Lokomotion macht Geschichten).
In case you lay in bed your lifeline is stopped…

Your biography is not written in your memory, at least it can not be read without changing it!
Try to remember a biographical event of your life - by recalling the contents of your episodic memory you "reframe" the event, you add a little of the actual situation (see literature on memory research)
That means a biography is not a chain of events or a fixed text but recalled episodes are the more or less actualized mixtures of experienced facts and their narrative descriptions.

Personal Biography

I was born as the first child of a language teacher (Latin and Greek) and a farmer's daughter. A sister followed 7 years later.
After school and medical studies in Vienna I became married, a son was born 1983 and a daughter was born 1985. In 1999 I got divorced.

Profession: After training for a general practitioner I stayed in hospital and became a blood transfusion specialist. After working as a full time resident doctor in a blood bank in Vienna I resigned in 2012.

Maybe my first 5 years in the countryside of lower Austria served as priming experience in animal behavior for a second study, zoology.
My biological studies are not finished, my thesis on hominisation has become a truly interdisciplinary, still independent investigation.

1980 I helped in organising the Second World Congress of Semiotics in Vienna and since then kept close contact with semiotic issues, with emphasis on (neuro-)biological and cognitive aspects.

Now to the bias

I regard myself as a Darwinist. I believe that vertebrates originated with fishlike forms a few hundred million years ago, later becoming amphibia, reptiles and mammals (which were very small at the beginning). Later some of them became monkeys, apes, and still later hominoids.....

As a humanist (another bias) I believe that humans are qualitatively different from animals, they entertain additional sensori-motor circuits (see "Eigen-quality" / "Eigenart").

The next bias is being a nervous system theoretician. N
ervous systems developed evolutionarily and individually by interaction (see the "other" theory / die "Andere" Studie).

I propose we are all endo-positioned. Endo- means inside, we can't help but we live within our body. No-body will object to that statement.
Furthermore I believe that I feel and perceive, think and act through my nervous system, so I further propose a socalled endo-neuro-position.

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